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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

30 Songs {#25}

Link to song - 'Farewell, Good Angel'
The musical version of Jane Eyre has several gorgeous songs (in fact, I can only think of two or three that I wouldn't listen to all day long) and though I wouldn't really term this song as 'gorgeous', it's special in its own right.  One thing that surprised me was the fast pace/rhythm of this song, since I would think that a farewell song would be slower and sadder.  But it actually fits Mr Rochester's character very well.  Wild and tempestuous with enough of a low key (it makes my throat ache to just think of singing it in the proper key) to be brooding.  As one who always looks out for book references in the musical, I find it interesting that in the refrain, Mr Rochester sings "But why, must have I have eyes to see you're not there?" because he does go blind in the course of the book (there's actually quite a lot of reference to eyes and blindness in this musical - coincidence?).

Is this how you would leave me,
In ruin and despair?
My hope is quenched, my life is lost,
Laid waste beyond repair.

I was wrong when I deceived you,
But there was no other way.
Your character won't let you live,
The lie mine must obey!

And I don't mean to claim,
That honour has been served.
But why must I have eyes,
To see you're not there?

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