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Monday, April 07, 2014

30 Songs {#19}

Link to song - 'Everything Stays The Same' from A Tale Of Two Cities
This is the kind of song that works better seen than just being listened to on a cast recording (although listening to it is chilling as well).  Unfortunately, nobody like the ATOTC musical (except for a very few, very devoted fans) so there are no videos of actual performances (besides some workshop thingies that don't really count).  'Everything Stays The Same' is one musical number I would love to see live.  It's quite long (about six minutes, I think), and a lot happens visually (the lyrics/music confirm this).  From what I can tell, the Bastille is stormed, Earnest Defarge finds the paper left by Dr Manette, and then there's some sort of weird play that takes up most of the second half.  I say weird because 1) the lyrics don't make much sense and 2) take a look at the picture up above.  It's...odd.  However, I do like how they incorporated the famous opening lines into the montage.
Now is the best of times,
The worst of times,
And all things in between.
Now is the age of light and darkness,
Too like every age we've seen.
Everyone's going straight to heaven,
And the other way as well.
It all depends upon which world you chose to see.
Whether or not the world's the way it ought to be.
Next song: 'Impossible/It's Possible' from Cinderella

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