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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soundtrack Spotlight {Captain America: The First Avenger}


I thought I was done with these Soundtrack Spotlight posts (and I was kinda disappointed, because I'd only done four, and there are many other soundtracks I love, but didn't feel inspired enough to write posts about).  But, I recently took stock of all the soundtracks I really and truly adore, and found I actually have enough material for at least three more posts.  YES.  And since I'm on a Captain America/Marvel kick right now (the Marvelverse is awesome), I figured I'd start the comeback with featuring the soundtrack for the first Captain America movie. 
I listened to it a few times after I watched the film for the first time, but that was about it.  Then, when The Winter Soldier was released, I thought it would be good to watch the first film again in preparation for TWS, so I did and I also started listening to the soundtrack a lot.  And I discovered its full awesomeness.  It helps that I've watch TFA enough times to be able to know what's happening at pretty much all times in the soundtrack, but even without the movie for a reference, this is an amazing score.  For one, the iconic 'Captain America March' is one of the most epic pieces of music I've ever listened to.  I could listen to it all day (almost - just a couple of listens make it run through your head the rest of the day).  And the emotion in this soundtrack is another thing that makes it one of my favorites.  I'm all for edge-of-your-seat adventure tracks, but there's something about emotional music that tugs at my heartstrings and makes me fall in love with said music even more.
Pretty much all of the tracks are my favorites, but I'll try to narrow it down to the best of the best.  To start, there's 'Farewell to Bucky' (probably the most emotional track, and I love how it segues into the Cap march nearish the end), 'Training the Super-Soldier' (this one is fun), 'Captain America "We Did It"' (such an amazing triumphant feel, although it gets ominous at the end), 'Troop Liberation' (great action track - one of my favorites of all the action ones), '"This Is My Choice"' (THIS is the most emotional track...never fails to get me), and 'Passage of Time' (this is another one that makes me all teary eyed - the scenes it represents in the movie have the same effect).
I'm not sure what soundtrack I'll be doing next, but I have several ideas...
Have you ever listened to this soundtrack?  What do you think of it?

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