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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So Long, Farewell...

Some of A's favorite things in Sound of Music.  (When she's being extra funny, it's Sound of Boooosic). "The Goodnight Song",  "The Puppet Song", "The Mountain Song", "The other Goodnight Song" and...
Relax.  I'm not leaving for good.

However, I am taking a hiatus.  'Why?' you might ask.  That, m'dear Watson, is a very good question (sorry, that's the overdose of Sherlock pins in my feed talking), and one which I will answer.  There are several reasons.  First of all, while I don't have many blogging friends that I email on a regular basis, those that I do email tend to write verrry long emails that take me a while to answer (don't worry, gals, I love them!).  Seriously.  I spent two hours a couple of days ago answering emails, and I still didn't get through all of them.  Secondly, my writing.  I have an hour or so to write in the morning (and I use it pretty much every day), and I use that for my main writing.  But I just joined, and while I don't have any stories up on my profile yet, I definitely want to write some.  I've decided that my evenings will be set aside mostly for writing fan-fiction (and that's often when I write my blog posts, so...).  And, lastly, now that summer is [nearly] here, I want to spend more time outside, more time reading, and just more time actually doing things.  Summer is always a good time to check things off of one's bucket list, and I plan to do just that.

How long will I be gone?  I don't know.  Hopefully no more than a few weeks...a couple of months at the most.  Because I don't believe I'll be able to stay away from here for too long.  I'll still be blogging over at my writing blog, if at all possible, and guest posting over at 'Feelsy Feels' (an awesome blog started by my friend, Eowyn), so if you're desperate for my posts (which I doubt anyone is), you can read my stuff over on those two places.  And when I return, I hope to bring tidings of a blog event which has been swirling around in my head for sometime.  I haven't fully decided whether or not I want to do said event, since it would mean a lot of work, but this hiatus will hopefully help me decide one way or the other.



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