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Monday, June 09, 2014

"I didn't choose the musical life. The musical life chose me."

I adore musical theatre.  It's one of my biggest obsessions.  I love the way the song lyrics fit together so perfectly.  It's as if the words could never belong anywhere else.  The music, the sets, the lighting, the's so beautiful and powerful and awe-inspiring.  That's why I try to watch all the clips from each year's Tony Awards (which were yesterday, btw!), not because I'm interested in all of those different musicals, but because the atmosphere is amazing.  Musical theatre is like one big family (of performers) and it's indescribable.  You might find it surprising that out of the hundreds upon hundreds of plays/musicals out there (I kid you not), there are only six that I really like.  That's mostly because most of those said plays/musicals are inappropriate (language, themes, whatever...).  Or, others that I could feasibly be obsessed with don't capture me: Little Women, Mary Poppins, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess (although I might revisit that, since Sierra Bogress plays/sings Sara).
I have listened to songs from several different musicals (mainly under the recommendation of friends): The Little Mermaid, Next To Normal, Wicked, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Matilda are the only ones I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's been a couple more (at least).  However, as I mentioned above, there are six musicals that I love: Les Miserables (of course), A Tale Of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, Cinderella...and, my two latest additions (believe me, when these added themselves, I heaved a sigh of relief, because calling myself a theatre buff and only like four musicals...well...) Daddy Long Legs and Newsies.  And those two musicals are really what this post is about.  Daddy Long Legs was recommended to me by Eowyn.  Newsies was recommended to me by one of my 'real life' friends (GASP).  They are both completely, totally amazing, and today I'm going to talk about why.

Introduce yourself to the GORGEOUS music of this show. This soundtrack, a rainy day, a cup of coffee (or tea if you're a serious singer) and a comfy chair. Your life will be complete. I LOVE Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs (DLL) was mentioned to me months ago, but I only started listening to it a couple of weeks ago.  I have no idea why it took me so long to listen to it, especially now that I have, because it's such a pretty musical.  That's right - pretty.  I have a habit of sensing a word that fits each book, movie, or musical, and 'pretty' perfectly fits DLL.  All the songs are the same, in the sense that there are no incredibly epic stand out songs (unlike Les Mis, which has 'I Dreamed A Dream' and 'One Day More').  Each song is on an equal footing with all the others, and the whole musical flows together so well.  One thing I find incredibly cool about this musical is that there are only two characters, which are on stage almost constantly through the whole thing.  I wonder how they managed the costume changes (if there were any, that is).  All of the songs are my favorites, but a few of them did manage to creep their way up to the very top of my list.  'Like Other Girls' (+ reprise), 'Mr Girl Hater', 'She Thinks I'm Old', 'The Colour Of Your Eyes' (+ reprise), 'The Secret Of Happiness' (+ reprise), and 'I Have Torn You From Heart'.  But, really, they're all amazing.  Plus, a lot of the lyrics are taken straight from the book, which is a huge bonus, right?

just listened to the Original Broadway Cast Recording of this today...I think I'm in love with this musical, @Roberto Naomi Armendariz Bruhn :)

I listened to 'Seize The Day' a long time ago, but I never really was interested in listening to the rest of Newsies.  What. A. Mistake.  Less than a week ago, I was bored, I was pinning stuff on my musical theatre board, and my aforementioned friend recommended the musical to me.  I listened to it straight through and, yeah, I kind of fell in love (I'm listening to it right now...for about the sixth time).  One reason I like the whole thing so much is because it was based off a real historical event that happened in 1899 - The Newsboys ('Newsies') Strike.  I'm a huge history geek, so that was pretty awesome to discover.  And the songs are amazing.  I've had them on repeat for the longest time - it'll probably end in a little while, since I tend to play favorite songs till I'm sick of them for a while, but for right now I'm loving it.  It's just...wonderful.  If Amy does another Celebrate Musicals Week, I'm totally going to feature this musical.  And it's easier for me to pick which songs I don't like ('That's Rich' and 'The Bottom Line + Reprise', if you're interested) than the ones I do like.  'The World Will Know' is amazing, along with 'Seize The Day', or course.  'Watch What Happens' (+ reprise) and 'Something To Believe In' are really good too...but just go listen to the whole thing.  All the songs are awesome.

What are some of your favorite musicals?


P.S. Since I'm constantly discovering new songs that I love, 30 Songs has become somewhat invalid, so I won't be continuing it anymore.  I do want to do some more Soundtrack Spotlights though, so stay tuned for those.


Ashley said...

Newsies is AWESOME!! Have you seen the movie? I haven't seen the musical, but I think the movie was first, so I like that better. You don't like Mary Poppins?!?! Have you seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? It's kinda silly like Mary Poppins, so you might not like that. Do you like The Sound of Music?

Bethany Morrow said...

This is a lovely post, I'm so keen to hear some of "daddy long legs".
Beth xxx

Eva said...

@Ashley - I haven't seen the movie, but I have it on hold at my local library, so hopefully I'll be able to watch it soon :) I have watched Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang, and I actually like Mary Poppins better. But The Sound Of Music is my favorite of the three.

Hayden said...

There. Is. A. Musical. Of. Daddy. Long. Legs.



Anonymous said...

HAYDEN. YOU HAVE TO FIND IT. IT'S AWESOME!!!! It's like my third favorite musical and I love it muchly. All of the songs are just breathtakingly beautiful - and all in a major key, which is just gorgeous. Imagine an entire album - 23 songs - FULL of guy-girl duets. *sigh* It's amazing.

Great post, Eva m'dear! Your favorites from both musicals (especially DLL) are EXACTLY the same as mine. HA! Glad I recommended it to you!


PS: the number I had to type in to prove I'm not a robot is 107. *sad face*

Kiri Liz said...

A Little Princess has a musical??? And Sierra Boggess sings Sara?? MUST LISTEN!! I knew about The Secret Garden, and I really like that one. :)

Newsies! I've only ever seen the 1992 Disney film. My siblings and I sing "Carrying the Banner" (movie version) ALL THE TIME!

Hmm? Some of *my* favorites? Cinderella, Fiddler on the Roof, Singin' in the Rain, Beauty and the Beast, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music... I can go on for a while. *grins* There are a bunch, like you said, that I love the music from, but have trouble absolutely loving them because of themes and other things. The Little Mermaid, Les Mis, and Phantom are a few.

Hayden said...


I need this cd. I need it. Where's my wallet? ;)

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