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Monday, June 16, 2014

Soundtrack Spotlight {Divergent}

I'm dying for this movie to come out I LIVE the book it's tied with the hunger games trilogy and I'm waiting for the third book to come out this year:)

The soundtrack for the Divergent film is one of the best film soundtracks I've ever listened to, and even though I don't care for the book that much, from what I've seen, the movie is really good.  The soundtrack is one of the reasons for this, I'm certain.  Like any good soundtrack, there's a couple of easily recognizable themes that are carried through the soundtrack - Tris' theme, and the Dauntless theme.  Both are them awesome, with Tris' being quite, beautiful, and a wee bit melancholy.  The Dauntless theme is fast-paced, exciting, and generally adrenaline inducing.  And, there's one track ('Capture The Flag') that combines both themes.  It's one of my favorite tracks.  In a moment, I'll share my other favorites but, really, all of the tracks are really, really good.  I think the entire soundtrack perfectly captures the mood of the story, and I love music that does that.

Some of my favorite tracks are 'Tris' (it's seven minutes long, but worth a full listen), 'Choosing Dauntless' (this track is SO EPIC), 'Erudite Plan' (nice and creepy) 'A Friend' (gorgeous key change about halfway through), 'The March' (heart pounding and scary), and 'Everywhere And Now' (sad and beautiful).

Have you ever listened to the Divergent soundtrack?


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