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Thursday, October 16, 2014

10 Books That Have Touched Me

Some time ago, a tag went around Facebook where you were supposed to list ten books that had influenced you, touched you, and/or made a difference in your life.  I duly did so, and then I thought that the subject would make an excellent blog post.  So, I switched around some titles on my life (yes, it changes a lot), gave some thought to what I would say for each book, assembled some honourable mentions, and now I'm here to share my list with you. (Note: the order in which the books are listed has no bearing on how important they are to me - it's all random) (Note #2 - This list naturally excludes the Bible...there's no question it's been the greatest influence on my life)
  • Glimpses of Truth - Okay, yes, this one does deserve to be at the very top of the list.  Great Christian fiction, my favorite modern novel, and very inspiring.
  • Songs in the Night (series) - God and faith are an integral part of each book, and if you're looking for an exciting, emotional read, I can't recommend these books highly enough.
  • Through Gates of Splendour - One of the first non-fiction books I ever read, and it's remained one of my favorites through the years.  I've also watched a documentary based on this book, and read another book, Jungle Pilot, that was an autobiography of Nate Saint's life.  It's a great read as well.
  • Unbroken - Definitely my favorite book of 2014, and probably my favorite book for a lot of years. Unbroken is one of the few books I've bought after getting it from the library, and I've actually bought TWO copies - hardcover and softcover.  I just-I can't really explain how much I love the story.  Take my word for it, though, and read it.  Right now.
  • The Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall (series) - At times unnecessarily depressing and/or long-winded, this series is still one of my favorites.  Just...I think of the deaths and heartbreak is extraneous, which isn't all that great.
  • The Book Thief - This book.  It's phenomenal.  I've read it about six times and I'm feeling the itch to re-read it again.  A beautiful, poignant story about books, WWII, and death.
  • Les Miserables - One of the greatest classics (if not THE greatest), and probably my favorite classic book.  There's so much richness and depth in both the plot and characters, not to mention all the philosophizing that goes on.  Sure, it's a long slog at times, but definitely worth a read.  Or several.
  • The Giver - One of those dystopian books that isn't cliched (probably because it came out before the whole Hunger Games craze), if depressing. (but, hey, I like depressing books)  I haven't read the other three books in the series, but I'm sure they'll be good as well.
  • The Secret of Mission T-3 - You've proooobably never heard of this book, since it was self-published, I believe, and I've never met anyone who's read it, so...yeah.  It's amazing and touching, so if you have read, please let me know!
  • A Tale of Two Cities - I recently listened to the musical version of this book, and fell in love with the story all over again.  It was one my mom refused to let me read, so she'd have something to teach me for English Literature, but once I was able to, I read it about three times in a row.  Beautiful, beautiful story.
{Honourable Mentions}
What are some books that have touched or influenced you?


{P.S. This was supposed to be one of those cliched 'NaNoWriMo's just around the river bend, so I won't be posting as frequently, and then I realized that I'm not posting frequently anyway, so I'll just say goodbye till the next post}


Naomi Bennet said...

I actually haven't read any of the books you mentioned. *gasp*

Well, yes, actually - I did start reading les Miserables but I stopped after ten chapters, when I was STILL in the middle of the description of the Bishops room. Seriously, I like description but that Victor Hugo guy took it too far. Sorry. :-)

I have however, read some on your 'worth mentioning' list- Rilla of Ingleside and, of course, Winnie the Pooh :-)

Rilla of Ingleside is definitely one of the books I read this year that really touched me and influenced me. :) Lynn Austin's 'Refiners Fire' Series is also one of them. :) Have you read the Refiners Fire series? I know you've read Wonderland Creek. :-)

Good post! Your posts are always very nice to read - I wanted to let you know that I read your blog now and then. :-) Oh, and I'm shocked to hear/read that you prefer P&P05 to P&P95!!! Seriously SHOCKED. :-P

But okay, if you forgive me for not really liking les Miserables, I'll forgive you for preferring P&P05.

Maybe. :-P

~ Naomi

Eva said...

Thanks for your comment, Naomi! The first time I read Les Mis, my mom told me about the part with the bishop, so I just skipped over that and got straight into the story :) The only Lynn Austin books I've read are Wonderland Creek and While We're Far Apart, but my library has several others, so I'll check those out sometime soon.

Hamlette said...

I read -- and loved -- Les Miserables one summer 13 years ago. I recently bought a copy and want to re-read it... when I find the time? Such an amazing, complex story, with rich characters of staggering variety.

I read The Giver in high school and really don't remember it at all.

I read A Tale of Two Cities in high school and loved it, and still remember it pretty vividly. Also on my re-read list.

And I've read Johnny Tremain probably five times. Adore that book. I didn't read the original Winnie the Pooh stories as a kid, but have been discovering them now as I read them to my own kids.

And Rilla of Ingleside, huh? Never one of my favorites in that series, but a LOT of people love it, so I'll have to revisit it too one of these days.

You're doing Nano? So fun! I was thinking about it this year, but my next novel isn't really gelled enough to begin. Might toss off some short stories, though, just for fun. We'll see. November is kinda busy for me this year. Anyway, if you want to be Nano friends, I'm Hamlette there too.

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